Technical Activities



It is an educational event. It provides a way of learning new techniques, enhance mental activity without stress. It provides a platform to the students to enhance their ability. It increases the self confidence of students for facing interview.  It was a very fruitful step towards the future compatibility.
It basically contains two types of events:
  • Technical Events
  • Non-Technical Events
Technical Events are:
  • BIT : The basic knowledge of IT and Computer.
  • LAN Gaming : The Local Area  network gaming.
  • Technical Dumbsharades : Guess the Technical keywords by seeing the acting of participants.
  • Web Designing : Designing a web page.
Non-Technical Events are :
  • Just A Minute: For expressing view on any topic.
  • Ball Dipping : Ball dipping frequency by participants.
  • Three Leg Race : Two students race with three leg in the ground.
  • Treasure Hunt : Finding of treasure with the help of clues.
Winners of each Event given medal and certificate of merit.

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