Principal’s Message

Technical Education plays an important role in the development of the country  in general, emancipation empowerment principal of  poor  and  disadvantaged  groups/ population  in  particular  it provide various  types of man power. It is the backbone  of the  country  for its  infrastructure, industry  and  economic development. The technical  education system provides the practical education to student so as to groom their personalities to such a level that they create a mark not only in the growth and development of  our own country but also make a remarkable and  positive dent in  development knowledge economies of the world .

Haryana is the first state to introduce the  “On-Line off Campus counseling” .

During the last six years, the state government /the department has taken many initiatives to improve the quality of technical education so as to make a  Diploma/ Degree holders employable from day one . We show technology and teach them to  work with  own hands. Such a work culture has to be developed.

Labs and Workshops have to be research oriented. We need to perform things in labs instead of doing spoon feeding. No sample  working but a complete work culture is the need of the day. A level needs to be attained where people from all and abroad should  look at  us as an image building factor.

This  should and aught to be  our goal as  a Polytechnic  to  bring  it to  a status  of an “Academy”. Today we cannot afford to be stand alone system.